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In response to five class-action lawsuits, a Washington appeals court has decided that Honda and several other automakers did nothing wrong by storing text messages and call records from connected smartphones.

Honda, Toyota, Volkswagen, and General Motors were all facing charges in separate but related class-action suits that all claimed they violated Washington state privacy laws. The cases were all dismissed in court earlier this year, and the US Court of Appeals for the 9th Circuit decided [PDF] this week they weren't going to reopen the cases to further litigation.




In other words, it's A-OK for your car to "automatically and without authorization, instantaneously intercept, record, download, store, and [be] capable of transmitting" text messages and call logs since the privacy violation is potential, but the injury not necessarily actual.

More in the actual article.

Yet another of the many reasons to buy an old car that you can fix and maintain yourself, has no or fewer computer operated parts, no built in tracking/GPS or voice activated features (mics), etc.



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iop23up wrote

I don't get it. Why would a car builder wants to have messages or any personaldata at all? Every fk corporation collects data. MS, apple. For whom or what purpose? For ads? Are you kidding me, fk ads doesn't work (50%) at least if they come as ads? So they want to develop "a friend" who thencommunicate with me to manipulate etc. ? How much does it calculate into the profit? Car is shit, but profit is good, because we have so many data now..ppfftt Do they just dump it to someone who then sells it someone else. My shitty texts? Ai does not make it better if quality of data is somewhere fk. This looks to me like the all corporation=gov goal. One part of preparation for day x, when their plan has progressed. Everybody wants to be a important part of it.