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Apple threatens to pull messages / facetime out of UK if it forces backdoor access to encryption.

QUOTE: "The UK government is eager to pass the Online Safety Bill, which would require messaging services to provide backdoors into end-to-end encrypted messages, reports 9to5Mac. It's the same tired excuse: a government claiming the necessity of detecting illegal content such as child-abuse material to justify intrusions into privacy.

Apple, along with other messaging services like WhatsApp and Signal, have publicly voiced opposition to the proposed legislation. Apple has submitted a detailed nine-page rebuttal to the bill, voicing its firm opposition to any mandates involving the insertion of encryption backdoors, premature disclosure of security updates, or the disabling of security features before an appeal is heard.

Standing firm on its commitment to user security worldwide, Apple has given the UK government a stark ultimatum: it would rather pull its services like iMessage and FaceTime from the UK market than implement changes that compromise security for all its users..."

Good. Tyrannical rules are made by aspiring tyrants. No quarter.




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not_bob wrote

Good on Apple! More companies need to call bullshit like this out.


righttoprivacy OP wrote

They may not be perfect "iPhone: that's privacy" phone... but with their massive public influence, happy for every call-out they make. ;)