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Julian’s Assange’s wife has spoken of her elation that the WikiLeaks founder has been released from Belmarsh prison in London and will soon be a “free man” under a deal in which he will plead guilty to violating US espionage law.

Speaking from Australia, where she flew on Sunday to prepare her family’s new life, Stella Assange, a human rights lawyer, said she had not yet told the couple’s two young sons about their father’s release from incarceration.

She said: “We weren’t really sure until the last 24 hours that it was actually happening and, well, we were talking about [it]; I don’t know what he needed to do and take from his cell, and I also had to pack things up and head out to Australia 24 hours before he left. So it’s just been non-stop for the past, I think, 72 hours.”

Assange, 52, was released from Belmarsh on Monday and boarded a flight from Stansted that evening in order to travel to a hearing on the island of Saipan in the Northern Mariana Islands, which is US territory.

There, he is due to plead guilty to a single criminal count of conspiring to obtain and disclose classified US national defence documents, according to filings in the island’s district court.



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