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Announcing the latest release of I2P+ (2.2.0+), a soft-fork of the Java I2P software with an emphasis on presentation, performance, and usability. Now available for download as an update or a full universal installer for Windows, Linux, BSD and MacOS (Java 1.8 or later supported):

Some of the recent changes include:

  • Sidebar CPU load monitor bar for the Java VM and associated graph
  • Tunnel build success percentage readout in sidebar & associated graph
  • Overhauled profiles and peers tables with sortable columns
  • Optional reverse dns lookups for peers (enable with routerconsole.enableReverseLookups=true)
  • Enhancements to router info display widgets and bandwith/caps indicators
  • Up to 1Gb/s share bandwidth if 4GB allocated to the JVM and 8 or more system cores
  • Various attack mitigation strategies including a Tor exit node blocklist
  • Additional site searches on /home
  • Hide sidebar update notification for vanilla I2P when notify only is configured (auto-updates and manual updates via still work)
  • Faster graph rendering
  • Improvements to console and webapp themes
  • Console logging improvements


  • The full installers now implement https:// access to the console by default (port 7667); you will need to allow the (self-signed) certificate when prompted in your web browser to access the console. To disable automatic redirection, add the following to your router.config file in ~/.i2p/ -> routerconsole.redirectToHTTPS=false
  • If you have installed I2P from the Easy Installer Bundle, this will need to be uninstalled first and your I2P configuration directory renamed or deleted.
  • The Windows installer will install I2P+ as a Windows system service and configure to automatically start at system boot (requires administrator privileges). Control of the service can be managed via or via the normal Windows methods e.g. services.msc or the task manager services tab. If the service fails to start, rename wrapper.jar in i2p\lib\ to wrapper.jar.backup and then rename wrapper-windows.jar to wrapper.jar and then start the service again from the task manager services tab, or services.msc, or the start I2P+ service icon.


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