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Announcing the latest release of I2P+ (0.9.50+), a soft-fork of the Java I2P software with an emphasis on presentation, performance, and usability.

Now available for download as an update or a full installer for Windows and Linux (Java 1.8 or later supported):

Some of the recent changes include:

  • Renovation of I2PSnark themes including migration of status and file icons to svg
  • New sidebar logos, itooplus mascot icon and favicons
  • More work on console and webapp themes including icon updates and faster page rendering
  • Aggressive caching of css, js and image assets to further improve page loading and rendering speed
  • Enhancements to RouterInfo acquisition and retention, favoring newer, performant routers


  • The full installers now implement https:// access to the console by default; you will need to allow the (self-signed) certificate when prompted in your web browser to access the console. To disable automatic redirection, add the following to your router.config file in ~/.i2p/ -> routerconsole.redirectToHTTPS=false
  • The Windows installer will install I2P+ as a Windows system service and configure to automatically start at system boot (requires administrator privileges). Control of the service can be managed via or via the normal Windows methods e.g. services.msc or the task manager services tab.
  • To enable updates for I2P+, visit the update page at and enable unsigned development updates. The default update address will inform you of release updates, or for development updates (aka rolling release), replace the address with http://skank.i2p/dev/


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