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#saltr, and even #i2p / #i2p-chat has seemingly lost a ton of users. Figured the channel split in #saltr and that familiar names would reconnect but it's been maybe 12-18 hours and still no bueno. #saltr which usually has about 30-40 folks connected now has 5, none of which are the normal regulars.

I've reconnected multiple times thinking it was some glitch in the matrix but I'm getting the same results.

EDIT: Killed my router connection and reconnected, that seemed to do the trick. Not sure what happened, but I appeared to have been in some IRC2P purgatory before with about 3-5 members in each channel. Reconnected to my router, and thus, to IRC and was back in normally. Weird.



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z3d said ()

irc.echelon.i2p currently has issues. temporarily removing this server from your irc client tunnel config will make the problem disappear!