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notme wrote

There are several ways in fooling the electric company and not pay for power. I did not it in a very long time (4 decades). There is another problem with the electrical signature of a computer plugged into the power grid. A friend of mine was a saleman for a company that made UPSes (uninterupted power supply that masked the signature to grid). There is also an electromagnetic signature (that I can mask myself). My guess is that either was a rat or the money printers starting to use this type of technology on regular bases.


nobody wrote

Let me present here my opition, not strictly related to "coins" about which you are asking. Instead of trying get get a quick buck, have a look at The Bitcoin Standard book. In more general terms it is like planting a tree: "The Best Time to Plant a Tree was 20 Years Ago. The Second-best Time is Now!"

Anytime someone gets interested in "anycoins" my question is: do you intend to run a node for that network during the time you own anything?

Another important thing to realize is that even the second most popular "crypto" tringy (starting with letter E) had a 72 million pre-mine in its genesis block:

$ torsocks ./
curl is /usr/bin/curl
jq is /usr/bin/jq
Timestamp: 1616268327
premine/total = 60.93400%

This means that more than 60% of this "E*" coin were created out of thin air and no real mining costs may be applied to them. Now imagine all that NFT hype… See the source of above-used script at See also article and feel free to look for the pre-mined transactions in etherscan explorer (or any other which knows about the genesis block on that network).

Live long and prosper!