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Rambler said () (edited )

Meh. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

They can have their site, we can have ours. Not sure why it warrants discussion. The only thing noteworthy enough in their discussion that I want to touch base on is the mention of Postmill. Yes, we're using Postmill to power this site. It's open source. The creator and community behind Postmill are not happy that this site uses their software so it seemed sort of respectful to not advertise directly that this site is powered by it, even though that information can easily be found elsewhere on this site. If emma wants me broadcast proudly that this site is powered by her software, I'll be happy to oblige.

This site is available for people on the far right to use. It's available for people on the far left to use. It's available for people in the middle to use. People can use it or not use it, that's freedom of choice. It's not like there aren't a ton of reddit-like sites in existence to choose from already. This site is just yet another option.

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sitefights OP said ()

I want to watch fights for the throne of reddit-like sites between RAMBLE and lemmy, just for my fun! RAMBLE to be available for good people more and more.


Rambler said ()

I'd like to think most people here are inherently good. In fact, I'd say people in general are inherently good regardless of their political beliefs or their anonymous online personas.


GadgeteerZA said ()

Interesting for us end users of course to know which is what etc, and to know Ramble is based on Postmill, with what looks like additional network protocol options as well as a transparent mod log.

Yes I see the older post dealt with free speech and censorship, but that is also relative to different countries. Many countries do have limitation on both physical and verbal acts in public, and whilst some don't want that, others actually do want that. So I suppose options are always a good thing to have. This is not the Facebook world where users only have one network to choose from. Both networks (and others) end up all flourishing.