Submitted by Rambler in AskRamble (edited )

I can't make any promises as to being able to add any particular feature, but make your voice heard. Upvote the features you'd like to see and I'll see what I can do to get it done.

I'm not a coder, I'm not a developer. My PHP skills are severely limited to knowing just enough to do what I need to do for my own simple projects. Any sort of massive development will require people with the skills to assist, so keep that in mind before you suggest some feature that would require a massive rewrite.

Things that I want to implement:

  • If someone uploads a photo, clicking on the title of their submission loads the comment page of the submission with the photo embedded instead of just the direct link to the image file. Ex: A submission title links to this:

  • Remove any mentions of 'email' from the sign up or user preferences. I'm not enabling emails for this site. I've never enabled emails for things like password recovery yet the feature still presents itself. That should be an easy fix.

  • Some minor style updates. Nothing major. I'd like to be able to have the option to insert a global announcement or message sitewide, at the top of all pages or in the sidebar for example. I'd also like to make it more obvious and simple to switch your view as determined for your user settings to view things like All - New - New Comments.

  • Ability to add your PGP key to your profile for others who wish to contact you using it would be ideal, but that's going to be beyond what I can do with confidence.

  • I may see about automatically rewriting submission URLs that are for YouTube to a Ramble specific invidious instance. URLs that are for Twitter to a ramble specific Nitter instance. URLs that are instagram to a ramble specific ... whatever it's called, instance. Etc. (Ex: You post a URL to and it appears as (or something)

Feel free to suggest and discuss away.



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BlackWinnerYoshi wrote

Well, all of those features would be a good thing to have, but especially rewriting submission URLs to Ramble-specific frontends for that service. By the way, the Instagram frontend is called Bibliogram. You can also add teddit (clear net only) as a Reddit frontend.


Wahaha wrote

I'd like for notifications to get marked as read when either clicking on context or answering directly.


Wahaha wrote

When posting a reply to a topic, it shouldn't get marked as having one new reply, which came from yourself.


victorio115 wrote (edited )

  • Ability to mark a post as "Not Safe For Work", "Not Safe For Life" and "Spoiler".
  • Ability to mark a forum as "Not Safe For Work".
  • In case of the body of a post, or a comment contains a ![](), it should show an Image, or a link with a button to display the image.
  • Ability to restrict posting on a forum, where you are a moderator.

zbviqi wrote

Is disabling signup intended? If no, re-enable it please. Further more, I want anonymous account that can post without login.


Rambler OP wrote

It is now re-enabled.

Unfortunately that feature is out above my ability to complete on my own, but I do like the idea of it. I'll add it to the list regardless.


smallpond wrote

Adding a link to the global mod log on the front page would be good.