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OpenAI is making its flagship conversational AI accessible to everyone, even people who haven’t bothered making an account. It won’t be quite the same experience, however — and of course all your chats will still go into their training data unless you opt out.

Starting today in a few markets and gradually rolling out to the rest of the world, visiting will no longer ask you to log in — though you still can if you want to. Instead, you’ll be dropped right into conversation with ChatGPT, which will use the same model as logged-in users.

You can chat to your heart’s content, but be aware you’re not getting quite the same set of features that folks with accounts are. You won’t be able to save or share chats, use custom instructions, or other stuff that generally has to be associated with a persistent account.



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righttoprivacy wrote (edited )

Rewards come to those who 🙇 bow down (submit their ID / data) to the all knowing AI 🤖 🧎