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J0yI9YUX41Wx said ()

He sounds like an ok guy to me. Read the texts in the Russia Today article. I approve of those texts.


Rambler OP said ()

I have no opinion one way or the other. I don't think that use of the word is actually offensive. Hunter is just trying to be hip and cool or whatever, which is cringey as hell, but not 'offensive' (in my opinion). Then again, I'm not 'qualified' to have an opinion on the matter. I just think it's some silly glorification of a culture that has some white people adopting lingo like that and I never understood why people get upset at that use of the word when used in that context.

I just posted because it'd be a massive story and in the news for a week had this happened a year ago with the last president's son, or something. There would be a lot of social media outrage, etc.

Anytime I hear a white person say shit like that I just think of J-Roc from Trailer Park Boys. &


liminal said ()

No offense, but this isn't politics and I think your site deserves better. The belief that politics is mostly about personalities is crippling our society, but in this case the subject of the article isn't even a politician.