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spc50 said ()

In b4 Apple fanboys soft sell this as no big deal :)


smartypants said () (edited )

That is on version of OS from a few revisions ago : 11.0.1, not 11.2.x from nowadays.

I think its a big deal, but has no practical value in the wild.


smartypants said () (edited )

Probably only a little deal because 11.0.1 stopped shipping long ago and LOTS of patchess since 11.0.1 :

See? Current is 11.2.1, not 11.0.1, as per Apple

And many updates between.

If you bought a M1 computer 2 weeks ago it is shipped from China with OS : 11.1 (not 11.0.1) and Also 2 weeks ago firmware version is "6723.61.3". Also if you plugged in that computer, it tries , if you let it, to immediately install a giant new OS update. The update removes ability to run old sideloaded iPhone apps on m1 macs, so some might stick with 11.1 (not 11.0.1) for a while before letting apple force 11.2.1

THOSE HACKS IN THAT LINK might not have value, if they only work on 11.0.1 version of older OS