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I saw this in RT. Now RT is Russian and not to be trusted, but I confirmed it with Newsweek, which cites Encyclopedia Dramatica's cutting edge 2007 reporting for many of the details, supplemented by Wikitubia. (I can't get through to ED at present ... if they're going to be publishing news, they need a CIA second-in-command to tell their boss what to do like any other mainstream outlet. Until then I have to try back in a few minutes.) They say she drew pictures of herself having sex with some of her friends to prove she was straight. Now, this was before she came out as a transsexual - and of course they call her as a she back then, just as when she raped her mother - so I'm not sure she proved she was straight with male friends or female friends. Obviously she didn't prove herself straight when raping her mother ... I think. I don't know, I'm so confused.

More of this is true than you can possibly imagine.



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yk4v2 wrote

"Chris Chan" is a very bizarre and sad rabbit hole to go down. Parts of it are funny in a dark way I admit.

Chris used to be quite socially conservative but he's VERY autistic and impressionable. People on Kiwifarms relentlessly bullied him for years and years. Some of his trolls convinced him that he should just transition into a woman since he failed as a man. I don't know whether Chris would be trans if not for all the relentless manipulation and harassment over the years. Sadistic trolls have manipulated him into believing and doing all sorts of things. The "idea guys" really distorted his sense of reality because they convinced him that cartoons are real and there is going to be a "dimensional merge" where the cartoon world merges with the real word.

The woman who recorded the call where he admits to raping his mother is probably even more dangerous to society than he is. She has fed parents and some suspect that is the reason for the sophisticated DDoS attack on Kiwifarms. So I don't know whether news about her will reach the mainstream press. If it does, they will describe her as a white supremacist and use her to go after Kiwifarms and build support for online censorship

It's possible that she encouraged him to rape his mother. I don't mean to defend him too much though. I saw a video where he was talking to his mom as if she was a puppy or a small child so it's clear to me that he knew his mom was in more of a childlike state than himself. And his only true female friend ever complained to him in an email about him frequently touching her without consent. But the way some of his trolls have manipulated him is really evil. I'm not too sympathetic towards him specifically but there should be more help for people like him.


Wingless OP wrote

Okay, now I admit I have no idea. Lots of fake news all through there, what is real? I am afraid I have this old-timer sensibility that if the cops arrest a guy for raping his mother, it means Mom said he did it, which odds are means he must have done if he admitted it in a mass posting. But nowadays, maybe cops don't like hearing some vulgar comic talking about raping his mom and arrested him even if she didn't say he did it just to show him you don't go saying strange things without jail? I don't know...


AWiggerInTime wrote

Soo, Barb gets literally fucked by her literal creation and Chris gets all the pussy he could ever want. That is the closest this story could get to a happy ending.