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Fuck Shapiro and fuck the narrative that they were "attacking democracy" or something. Revolting after a fraud riddled untrustworthy election is not immoral. If anything, it's a moral duty. When you can't trust elections, direct action is all you have. There are different forms that direct action can take, many of them non-violent, and I'm not saying that people who attacked police did the correct thing. But some kind of strong reaction was necessary to show that the American people would not just quietly put up with all that happened during that election. This seems to have basically been a fed trap to crush dissent, and I don't think this was the best thing to do, but most of the people involved had the pure and good intent of fighting for fair and trustworthy elections.


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"Chris Chan" is a very bizarre and sad rabbit hole to go down. Parts of it are funny in a dark way I admit.

Chris used to be quite socially conservative but he's VERY autistic and impressionable. People on Kiwifarms relentlessly bullied him for years and years. Some of his trolls convinced him that he should just transition into a woman since he failed as a man. I don't know whether Chris would be trans if not for all the relentless manipulation and harassment over the years. Sadistic trolls have manipulated him into believing and doing all sorts of things. The "idea guys" really distorted his sense of reality because they convinced him that cartoons are real and there is going to be a "dimensional merge" where the cartoon world merges with the real word.

The woman who recorded the call where he admits to raping his mother is probably even more dangerous to society than he is. She has fed parents and some suspect that is the reason for the sophisticated DDoS attack on Kiwifarms. So I don't know whether news about her will reach the mainstream press. If it does, they will describe her as a white supremacist and use her to go after Kiwifarms and build support for online censorship https://encyclopediadramatica.online/Isabella_Loretta_Janke

It's possible that she encouraged him to rape his mother. I don't mean to defend him too much though. I saw a video where he was talking to his mom as if she was a puppy or a small child so it's clear to me that he knew his mom was in more of a childlike state than himself. And his only true female friend ever complained to him in an email about him frequently touching her without consent. But the way some of his trolls have manipulated him is really evil. I'm not too sympathetic towards him specifically but there should be more help for people like him.


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The firms, which include Twitter (TWTR.N) and Alphabet Inc's (GOOGL.O) YouTube, share "hashes," unique numerical representations of original pieces of content that have been removed from their services. Other platforms use these to identify the same content on their own sites in order to review or remove it.

I can think of one way to get around this but it has some downsides for privacy so I think it should be used carefully and only when necessary.

You can open up a picture with Notepad++ or another text editor and add whatever text you want so that the hash will be different and not match what's in their database. You could even add a hidden message if you want. You could add hidden messages to other files too using steganography techniques and that would change the hash.

The downside is that now the file is more traceable. So lets say someone posts some meme about vaccines on poal but they edit it to include the text "Death to all jews" when you open it in notepad. Someone else saves it and shares it on Facebook without knowing about the hidden text. Now if this system is set up to track image hashes across platforms, the feds know that the facebook user either got that image from poal or got it from someone else who got it from there. The exact same picture could be on lots of other platforms but they would know from the hash where this particular user got it from.