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BlackWinnerYoshi wrote

Not only you can run it on your computer, but also on your Android device, so you can take Wikipedia wherever you go. Although...

Wikipedia may just shut down completely.

I don't think that Wikimedia Foundation will die. I mean, they do like "fighting disinformation", which we call censorship, so I guess they might be working with big corpos. And, well, anyone could edit Wikipedia, so even then, it might not be correct. But hey, you got a search engine to dig deep into whatever you want, and then you can save the website and also take it wherever you want. And hey, Kiwix has other stuff worth taking a look, like Project Gutenberg, where they archive books that are public domain in the United States, so there's that...


burnerben wrote

as cool as this is, i donated over 1k this year to wikipedia and they get plenty more than that i think itll be fine.


onion wrote

I think the main benefit of something like this is that if the internet goes down, you still have Wikipedia. Could be useful in a disaster scenario that results in an internet outage for an extended period.


burnerben wrote

i suppose so but then it also comes down to if you trust wikipedias info.