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I was disappointed to find out when i turn 18 i can't buy a fully automatic AK-47, nor can i for the rest of my life as a proud American. I don't even think i need this for self defense thats what a 9mm and a shotgun are for. I just want to be able to express my damn 2nd amendment right and buy a real AK. Im a very liberal independent and this is down right bullshit.



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smartypants said () (edited )

hello mr FBI glownigger. (75% chance you are)

YOU CAN, but no longer age 18 and no longer even age 19... (((they))) raised age to 21 for you must be 21 for an NFA item like that item.

but its still difficult in the majority of states where you can have carry it on state or private land (avoid accidentally carrying on federal land) ... an important political figure or elected sherrif has to vouch for you, AND the gun typically has to be made with serial number provenance before May 1986 i think (10 thousand to 25 thousand for a vietnam or korean war m16 antique), unless you have business reasons (gunsmith , mil contractor), and you have to be rich enough to store it safely somewhere and... the main democrat jew trick ... you need thousands of dollars for tax stamp and transfer from a local Class three dealer.

If you want to just shoot it and rent it, you can visit outdoor ranges near scottsdale arizona... fun.

If you want to legally temporarily hold it and legally own it momentarily.. get a get a dealer's license and how to get the additional license for possessing of a fully automatic weapon (requires blue prints to your home sent!!!!).

If you are not a dealer you need to pay 200 dollar TAX STAMP that biden wants to increase :

Pro tip : for the best hard to find gunsmith mods legal to have in Marlyland and built in Marlyland and equipped in Marlyland and purchasable (100 round drums for your non-auto non-burstmode ak-47, or springs to aid bump stocks, other trigger effects toys....) HEAD EAST from the washington DC FBI headquarters drive way past arlington across bridge to queenstown MD region, you cross the bridge toward out of DC across that water... to a interesting gun store that caters to fed workers : grenade barrel launchers, bump stocks, belt fed supplies, handgun silencers, rifle silencers, rare quick-reload revolvers, etc

PS : ITS RETARDED to type "Fully automatic", you just type "automatic"

The normal legal AR15 and legal AK47 lacking 3 round burst and lacking auto mode is called a "SEMI AUTOMATIC WEAPON"

you never need to type "Fully automatic".

Fun fact. in entire USA history, a legally registered and owned AUTOMATIC WEAPON was only used in a criminal act one time. The legal owners of these guns are the most law abiding people on earth.

AK47 is far far less accurate in fully auto mode vs a AR15... but most of either have carbine length barrels in normal configs and a carbine barrel in hand held non-tripod mode is inaccurate except for a few marksmen I hear. I type this to mention that normally you would want to keep a gun in three round burst mode. Tapco trigger on a EU region ak47 offers 3 round via special defective engineering, but many tax-stamp ak 47s are single or auto. Forget AK47 and get a high temperature mil spec barrel on a regular ar15.

That being said, most people I know ONLY practice shooting while running (tangent and full frontal running) , rolling, and ducking. There are competitions involving active motion but none involve firing during those activities. For that its private range on private land... and in all my memories... cold and muddy and soiled clothing. fun times, fun memories.


burnerben OP said ()

im not fbi autismo im a 14 yr old kid that codes and plays video games. But also why is america so shitty, i cant buy a proper gun when im an adult? i blame libtards


Rambler said ()

You can, technically... just requires thousands of dollars, paperwork and waiting months for the ATF to approve.

But they make binary triggers for AKs now, much cheaper and almost as fast.