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Wahaha wrote

Don't know too much, but when they fled to Voat a few years ago, basically everyone made fun of them, so I always saw them as a group of retards. Nothing they did changed this image.

Media loves to pick on retards with opposing political views, so that checks out.


riddler wrote

I always saw them as a group of retards

I don't know if they were dumb or just blinded by hope. It was a pleasant thought. The idea that qtards could just wait and do nothing for four years and suddenly everything would be resolved.

If they had a real leader then many problems could likely have been peacefully resolved. A real leader would have instructed followers to go be poll watchers and record everything. Record all the MSM sites posting live election updates. Protest everywhere the deep state congregates.

That being said, anyone who still believes in Q is a retard. All predictions turned out false. It's time for people to organize and try to find their own little ways to oppose this mess. Right now and for the foreseeable future, there will not be a leader for the anti-deepstate people.

After Trump abandoned his followers on Jan 6, I'd also say supporting Trump is a waste. He didn't have to support the people breaking windows and attacking cops (could have been false flag). He just had to say most of the people there were non-violent protesters. They had more right to protest congress than any BLM had to destroy small businesses throughout the country.


burnerben wrote

i agree completely with the blm stuff. but back to Q from what i undestand there the antifa of the right just imbred and lacking a education. not saying either are good i hate all radicals.


MrBlack OP wrote

I always thought 'Q' was a person who claimed to be some Washington insider on 4chan. Isn't that how it started? Somehow it became a group and the newest media boogyman but I always associated 'Q' with 4chan and therefore didn't take it serious.