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Those who might consider Vimeo a viable YouTube alternative, particularly where it concerns free speech, might also feel the need to rethink this in light of an announcement made on August 10 by Frontline COVID-19 Critical Care (FLCCC), a group of leading critical care doctors who formed an alliance.

In a post, they informed their followers that videos missing from the FLCCC website (embedded from Vimeo) have been disappearing – as a consequence of the video site deplatforming the organization, i.e., deleting their account and therefore all content.



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Wingless wrote

Their case on the facts seems iffy, but what is beyond doubt is that if a site only lets you say what they want said, you need somewhere else to publish your own work.

I'm not convinced Odysee was a bright move though. It looks heavy with ad scripts from sites like casalemedia and google. Why not a nice Peertube?


Onetwofree wrote

If you don't like the ad scripts move to LBRY desktop app. Odysee has a sustainable business model but if you want control of your content and you don't want to be tracked use the desktop app and Peertube isn't sustainable because it has no business model behind it expect tips but LBRY has LBC. Also LBRY Desktop app is open source and more stable than Odysee.


dontvisitmyintentions wrote

It's believable, because Vimeo always leaned lefty.

But were they paid members? Did the membership lapse, making some unavailable? Do the missing videos say they were removed for any particular reason?

I don't see any posts on from the 10th, and the 11th ones don't look related. Do you have a link to their post or to the posts with missing videos?