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glasses really aren't good because you'll just see more blurred and at night when you sleep you take them off and put them back on in the morning which gets progressively worse and worse and not good for your eyes.

but then what's the solution?

it's not that difficult you have to go and buy a contact lens according to many people but that's not the best solution either maybe a worse solution because someone else which you might have sensitive eyes and you won't be able to wear a contact lens and you have to learn to use it

final solution

eye surgery.

oh, that's no good either?

should we go blind then?

of course I didn't say that, I just meant don't get glasses if you can and get your eyes fixed because if your eyes are so bad that you need glasses, your eyes will not be healthy and will gradually deteriorate to blindness.



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burnerben wrote

i wear bluelight glasses lol