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BasedPatriot wrote

The guy is fucked. I don't think he "murdered" him but he'll do time. Minneapolis will burn anyways because the mob will want him put away for life and he'll get probably get up to 10 years on some lesser charge. Floyd was a big piece of shit but in the ideal world he would have been arrested properly and then he could have gone to court to be sentenced for yet another crime.


Rambler OP wrote

I'm not sure they'll find Floyd's past relevant in the case. When he robbed that pregnant lady at gun point and held the gun to her belly / baby that was in Texas, I think. I know he was arrested in Minneapolis a couple years prior to the Chauvin thing. Was a passenger in a vehicle with no plates/tags, and when pulled over was caught on body camera trying to swallow a bunch of pills, pills that they also found in his seat. Not sure if there is anything else in his past beyond those two things.

I'm not certain those things will be brought up during the trial unless it is used to prove Chauvin was aware of Floyd or due to his previous violent offense (armed robbery and threatening a pregnant lady with a gun) that Chauvin felt that additional restraint was needed... or something.

Pretty sure all LEO get your info from all states when they run your ID anyway now that I think about it so it's possible that they knew that they had a previous violent felon in their custody and took measures that are now seen as excessive whereas they wouldn't had everything come back clear. Who knows?