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Announcing the latest release of I2P+ (0.9.50+), a soft-fork of the Java I2P software with an emphasis on presentation, performance, and usability.

Now available for download as an update or a full installer for Windows and Linux (Java 1.8 or later supported):

Some of the recent changes include:

  • Extensive work on console and webapp themes including icon updates and faster page rendering
  • Lazy scrolling for pages with large tables
  • Reduction in memory usage by not profiling peers that we won't use for local tunnel builds
  • Double the maximum shared bandwidth permitted to 32768KB (was 16384KB)
  • Additional advanced configuration options for CoDel queue management and pumped tunnel gateway
  • Improvements to the logging subsystem


The full installers now implement https:// access to the console by default; you will need to allow the (self-signed) certificate when prompted in your web browser to access the console. To disable automatic redirection, add the following to your router.config file in ~/.i2p/ -> routerconsole.redirectToHTTPS=false

The Windows installer will install I2P+ as a Windows system service and configure to automatically start at system boot (requires administrator privileges). Control of the service can be managed via or via the normal Windows methods e.g. services.msc or the task manager services tab.



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iHumanDrone said ()

Is the project still active in terms of users and contributors?

Also what's the difference with the original i2p?


z3d OP said () (edited )

Yes, the project is very much alive, actively developed, with a growing userbase.

Some of the differences between I2P+ and I2P include:

  • 4 default console themes, 7 i2psnark themes, support for update-persistent css overrides and hiDPI screens
  • renovated console and webapp user interface, with additional features
  • in-console help section with pages for both new and experienced users
  • various under-the-hood performance enhancements

More info: or http://skank.i2p