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onion wrote

I get the point of calling attention to this sort of thing but anyone who sees a "no whites allowed" event and thinks "I should sign up for that" is probably someone I wouldn't rock climb with or hang out with in general. Now they are saying it's OK for whites to join the class too, but is that really a victory for white people? No self respecting white person would want to take "BIPOC Rock Climbing".

I respect black only, Mexican only, and Indian only, and white only groups because that is people getting together over a similar heritage and culture. But if a meeting of different races is specifically excluding one race, the main thing they have in common is a desire to not be around that race. I'm happy to oblige. I don't want to be around people who don't want to be around me.

It's unfortunate the tuition that whites pay goes partially to paying for classes like this but maybe rather than complain about discrimination coming back, a better response would be to just hold (or attempt to hold) alternative events. For example, spread flyers for a rock climbing club which is only for white people and their allies.