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Year One& Two: First, I would undoubtably go out for the single most expensive meal of my life at a michelain star restaurant. I'll say that would cost $500. I still have 2 years of college left, and Ideally I would want to invest it all during that time, but realistically I am only human so I would take out $30K to live on for a year, and an additional $20k for tuition for both semesters that year. I absolutely could survive on less than 30K for a year, but knowing my own foolish spending habits when I have money I'm accounting for stupid spending. I would invest my remaining $949,500. Good hedge funds report 15% annual returns, so going by that metric after a year I would have $1,091,925. Take out another $50K for living and tuition, then reinvest and I have $1,198,213.75 by the time I finish college.

Year Three: From here I would accelerate my 10 year plan. Looking at I can see there is an 80 acre property available for $250,000 in Montana already with power and septic hook up, I'd buy that. Until the property is ready I would move out and rent a hypothetical house nearby. Idk what rent actually costs out there but for simplicity I'll stick to 30K a year living expenses, a factor a medium uhaul into that since SO and I dont have too many belongings. Once we get to MT I wouldn't do much with the property for the rest of the year, but I would take $2K to upgrade equipment for my soap making business. After these expenses, I am left with $916,213.75, which never left my hedge fund investment account so by the end of the year it has accumulated to $1,053,645.81.

Year Four-Seven: I just googled how much it costs to build a house, and and results vary wildly. SO and I want a house that isn't too big, but also want a conservatory and a fully functional laboratory so we can both work from home so I'm just going to guess this would be a $1 million home. Obvi we can't pay for this all outright or we would go broke immediately, so I'll say we take 4 years to build it, and split the cost over that time. By now we should both have careers, and no longer need to live off of the passive income from interest so I'll no longer be taking out 30K for living expenses. 250K out of our savings, with the remainder compounded annually at 15% for 4 years:

Year Four: $1,053,645.81- 250,000= 803,645.81 x 1.15= $924,192.68

Year Five: $924,192.68- 250,000= 674,192.68 x 1.15= $775,321.58

Year Six: $775,321.58- 250,000= 525,321.58 x 1.15= $604,119.83

Year Seven: $604,119.83- 250,000= 354,119.83 x 1.15= $407.237

Year 8: Alright, my dream house is built, I've had 5 years since college to perfect the art of perfumery and introduce perfumes to my soap business, and now I have a fully operational chemistry lab to start refining my own ingredients. I imagine SO and I are making enough to live comfortably on by this point, so I invest the entire remaining $407.237 into my perfume ingredient refinery. Greenhouses, aromatic plants, trade agreements with farms overseas where rare aromatic plants grow, that I wouldn't be able to grow in the U.S. (cinnamon, myrrh, etc.) Through wise investing I stretched the 1 million and used it to establish my dream, in only 8 years.


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My old church used to give these kinds of gift cards to community members in need around the holidays (but with like $200, not $10 on them) so people could afford holiday meals, but they didnt want addicts buying alcohol instead of feeding their kids. Seemed like a great gesture at the time, but now that I'm old enough to be aware of people who sell food stamps for drugs I see how this could have easily been used for the same thing.


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Labling things what they already are adds lable value. My MIL who doesn't know any better will spend $3 more per item for apple juice, cheese, even milk, to pick the brand that puts "Gluten Free" on the lable.


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Darwinism at work. She went to the ER because her scalp started hurting. The dead skin and sweat are probably starting to rot under that glue helmet.

She posted an update today that a plastic surgeon in Beverly Hills has offered to surgically remove her hair for free.