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Lately at work I've been listening to:

  • Kill Tony (Big fan, have watched on YouTube for a couple of years but the podcast audio works almost as well as actually watching it)
  • Matt and Shane's Secret Podcast
  • The Tim Dillon Show
  • Tiger Belly
  • Darknet Diaries.

I'm good on comedy entertainment, but am looking for more things like the Darknet Diaries. Things about tech, the history of tech, (or history in general), etc.



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awdrifter said () (edited )

I listen to the Unmade Podcast. It started as a podcast about podcast ideas that will never be made into an actual podcast. But now it has branched into other stuff like travel and souvenir spoon collection.

As for more tech related podcast, Cortex is pretty good if you're into Apple product and related stuff (iOS apps etc).


solstice said ()

You're Wrong About, Pretend Radio, and This Machine kills are some good ones