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Elon Musk has revealed that the next-gen Grok 3 LLM model has been trained on a whopping 100,000 NVIDIA H100 AI GPUs.

Well, it looks like every other AI-focused firm is battling each other to push out advanced versions of their LLM models to cater to the growing need for AI chatbots. A new firm to have joined the race is Elon Musk's AI startup, the xAI, which previously announced the development of the "Grok" set of LLM models, designed specifically for its integration as an AI assistant for premium users on X.

The firm has released newer versions of the original model, and xAI is currently preparing for Grok 2; however, Elon, in his latest tweet, has started to promote the next-gen Grok 3 model, claiming that it's going to be much larger than its predecessors.



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