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With an interface inspired by ChatGPT, LibreChat offers an “enhanced” ChatGPT clone, an open source alternative with AI model selection as a main feature — while also providing additional features and customization options (including plugins for things like Retrieval-Augmented Generation).

On the Practical AI podcast, LibreChat creator Danny Avila said he’s especially proud of how the software offers the ability to search through all your past conversations. “To this day, it’s not a feature on ChatGPT or many different interfaces… I know a lot of people, just that one simple feature gets them on board.”

LibreChat’s site brags that it’s “a centralized hub for all your AI conversations,” promising to “harness the capabilities of cutting-edge language models from multiple providers in a unified interface” (including OpenAI’s models but also other open-source and closed-source models).

Its website boasts of “seamless integration” with AI services from OpenAI, Azure, Anthropic, and Google. (Later it specficially cites GPT-4, Claude, and Gemini Vision.)



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