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On Monday, Anthropic released Claude 3, a family of three AI language models similar to those that power ChatGPT. Anthropic claims the models set new industry benchmarks across a range of cognitive tasks, even approaching "near-human" capability in some cases. It's available now through Anthropic's website, with the most powerful model being subscription-only. It's also available via API for developers.

Claude 3's three models represent increasing complexity and parameter count: Claude 3 Haiku, Claude 3 Sonnet, and Claude 3 Opus. Sonnet powers the chatbot now for free with an email sign-in. But as mentioned above, Opus is only available through Anthropic's web chat interface if you pay $20 a month for "Claude Pro," a subscription service offered through the Anthropic website. All three feature a 200,000-token context window. (The context window is the number of tokens—fragments of a word—that an AI language model can process at once.)

According to Anthropic, Claude 3 Opus beats GPT-4 on 10 AI benchmarks, including MMLU (undergraduate level knowledge), GSM8K (grade school math), HumanEval (coding), and the colorfully named HellaSwag (common knowledge). Several of the wins are very narrow, such as 86.8 percent for Opus vs. 86.4 percent on a five-shot trial of MMLU, and some gaps are big, such as 90.7 percent on HumanEval over GPT-4's 67.0 percent. But what that might mean, exactly, to you as a customer is difficult to say.



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