If you would like to donate crypto to help offset the cost of powering [RAMBLE] or you just want to buy /u/rambler a cup of coffee, the donation addresses are below.

XMR: 89jAk3ppuvABt4CV7eEjkY7vhgxp3DoSJDsPEhDyXY85DZ5oCcymC9qJXhzygoJwb71oEGNg6hKFzgx7r2XZVWV82YUdj51


OXEN: L99RvZ7CXqABrvuPYWsAc2fQesS8njie7S8WEEWpUVYpTfUhaGqbm7A7dcRHFR9AdDQcTRtJS5JoogLdepPv3qF7Vh9188R

THETA: 0x9b5AEeDCF0b49CA2AB545c90a3028e61832D9f0A

Even though I (/u/rambler) would not ask for donations, I will also gladly accept them as a means to offset the cost of maintaining this website and hopefully to help fund the development of the many feature requests received.