About [RAMBLE]

  1. What is this? What is [RAMBLE]?

What is this? What is [RAMBLE]?

ram·ble (răm′bəl)

  1. To move about aimlessly: rambled around the park for an hour; rambled around the southwest.
  2. To walk casually or leisurely: rambled over to the neighbor's house.
  3. To follow an irregularly winding course of motion or growth: Vines rambled over the fence.
  4. To speak or write at length and with many digressions: rambled on about his childhood.

[RAMBLE] is a unique website in that it exists on not just the 'regular internet' as you may be reading this on right now, but also on several anonymity networks. These networks all have various websites that can only be accessed from within their own unique routing, but none (as far as we know) are accessible how [RAMBLE] is.

This website is accessible as a service on each of the individual large anonymity networks allowing users of those networks to not leave their network of choice. Whereas normally, members on a Tor Onion Service web forum would only be able to communicate with other members using that same Tor Onion Service, on here, they can interact with members using the website via the I2P eepsite service, or the regular internet, even. It's a unique idea and we're excited to see how it plays out.

We want to push valuable user generated content to these individual networks and encourage more and more people to start utilizing them in an effort to fight against big tech and to reclaim their digital privacy! We hope that our user base will be friendly and helpful to newcomers who wish to live a more private and secure digital life.

Another reason this website exists is because we love free speech, we value privacy, and we hate censorship. We do have a few rules that you can read about on our /w/rules wiki page, but that's mainly for legal reasons. Just assume anyone offering or requesting anything illegal is a cop. They probably are.

All in all, this website is an experiment. Originally it wasn't going to be accessible via the clearnet (regular internet), but then we decided it may be best for these anonymity networks to be accessible via a bridge to newcomers who may have never heard of them. And with that, we hope to grow them and make them even better.