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GadgeteerZA said ()

Interesting... I don't think "are stupid" is a good reason but the other reasons are pretty sound, and you could add they are unhealthy to wear for very long periods of time. On headphone side they are very bulky (not compact).

Must say I do like wireless earbuds though and have not had any of the problems apart from the exorbitant cost based on what you get vs its useful lifetime, and yes some have very short battery time (I've always only chosen 6 - 8 hour models for that reason).

I suppose the look/feel though does come down to personal preference. Wireless earbuds though, do have a lot of room for improvement still.


Rambler OP said () (edited )

They're not horrible for short term use, which I think is where they likely shine the most. A quick run or workout at the gym? Sure. A companion to a multi-day backpacking trip? Trail running? Or even just listening to music for 8 hours for a normal work shift? Not so much.

There is definitely a market for them. I see them all the time. People seem to like them, or at least want to be seen with them in. Personal andecote for sure, but I don't recall going to the store or just taking a walk down the street and seeing this many people with wired earbuds just five years ago. I think it has to partially due to marketing and people's desire to be seen with new stuff from the brands they're loyal to. Galaxy Buds and Apple's Airpods are pretty recognizable. Seems almost just as much of a fashion accessory nowadays similar to how Beats headphones were previously.