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Rambler said () (edited )

Imagine companies that are so powerful that they can force the most powerful man in the world to self censor. Big Tech is flexing their power in this election to force other politicians to fall in line.

It's bizarre. I didn't even see anything remotely inciteful in the tweets I've seen shared in articles.

Furthermore, I believe he's still banned from Facebook? Big Tech has a left/liberal bias and needs to be put in check. While these are private platforms that 'can do whatever they want', I believe things like Twitter and Facebook have replaced the traditional 'soap box' in the town square. The 1st Amendment should, in my opinion, apply to large non-topic specific platforms.

The better option would be for people to just leave these companies and close their accounts.

The same platforms who have to add 'additional context' to certain topics don't seem to see the need to add 'additional context' to content/videos/tweets that incite violence by the left. It's how a second wave of looting/riots happened in Minneapolis after a black man shot himself in the head, captured on video, but photos/videos of cops at the crime scene was shared on social media with captions about how the cops killed him. Within 8-12 hours the police had published CCTV footage showing the man killed himself, yet the tweets/media/claims by ONE SIDE remained up, and it contributed to more stores being robbed/looted and more violent protests. No, "Additional Context" on that content to state that the man was a "murder suspect running from police who took his own life". If they have the ability to put claims and context on other topics, surely they can do the same when a criminal is refusing orders and charging the police with a knife and gets shot.

In short: Fuck big tech. They control the narrative, always.


awdrifter OP said ()

I agree. But I think it's really too late, Trump missed the window to reign in/break up Big Tech. Corporations will be calling the shots and shaping public opinions from now on. Like Armstrong in Metal Gear Rising said "the memes".