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TallestSkil wrote

Okay, and? What’s anyone going to do about it?


Rambler OP wrote (edited )

Unsure. I own a small business that does a lot of crypto payments but there isn't much I can do for our fiat holdings. Our biggest operational costs I pay in crypto each month but still have to keep money in the bank and transfer funds from PayPal and Stripe on a regular basis.

I still claim and account for all crypto stuff to keep Uncle Sam happy and to keep things legal, but the $600 bank thing is so comically dumb that you'd think they forgot a couple of zeroes.


mr4channer wrote

use monero


div1337 wrote

Why monero? e.g.: instead of bitcoin


mr4channer wrote

because monero is private, none needs to see who you and receive money from. monero also has lower fees.