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Rambler OP said ()

I honestly haven't looked into the whole thing that much, BUT I could see it all being a big ploy to stir up support for regulation and controlling the narrative to the masses that 'crypto = bad'.

OR, it was just lucky hackers who happened to stumble upon some vulnerability and took advantage of it.


burnerben said ()

the more that comes out the more i agree with the first one. supposedly they are experienced in ransomware. but why use bitcoin when you could just use monero? why use a wallet that can be accessed by the fbi? the group is called "darkside" and has an onion site. (havent found it personally) but what the media has presented is that they are experienced. they arent just some hackers who found a vuln and were like "hey lets write some ransomware". seems really suspect to me. and there has been a big push for regulation around crypto.