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lately there is shit green going around where I live. I have multiple people where I buy. And now I only go to one because I get sick from the other Stuff. And my dude said that it could be CBD weed. Are there maybe test Kits for THC/CBD or would this require half an lab?



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Rambler wrote

Probably require a lab I'd imagine. But, I haven't smoked in years, and I'm not sure how you'd differentiate between the two from what I've seen. Local shop here sells CBD /hemp flower and honestly it looks and smells just like the over priced college town weed I used to buy years ago when I was into that stuff.

I just know the police usually have to send it off to a lab for testing when they discover people with the CBD/hemp flower because it's indistinguishable between the real deal.

Seems like it'd be ripe for abuse if buying from shitty, sketchy people. Hopefully we'll see Federal legalization soon (assuming you're in the States) and then you won't have to deal with sketchy people.


burnerben wrote

I hope there's a federal legalization, not only would it be economically beneficial as a taxable product but also its less harmful then alcohol and there's no reason for it to be illegal.