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Remember when Skype was peer-to-peer, and it just felt more secure (no middle man) and robust (no central server to switch off)? Well open source Matrix is a decentralised end-to-end encrypted real-time communication platform, with Element as its client for mobile and desktops. The funding announcement comes hot on the heels of the news that Germany's entire healthcare system is to adopt Matrix-based communications.

As for what the money will be spent on, "Element's funding means there's continued significant investment in the Matrix protocol, which hugely benefits the entire Matrix ecosystem," said Matthew Hodgson, CEO of Element and technical co-founder of Matrix.

Certainly as far as decentralised secure instant messaging goes, Matrix/Element is one of the easiest and most adopted, and one that we've seen governments themselves adopting for their own use. For increased security they often host their own server without federating to other Matrix servers.


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