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GadgeteerZA wrote (edited )

Video shows this banner at the top so not sure if that is going to be there soon?

"Instance has been shadow banned and delisted from PeerTube network. Will be shutting down in shame shortly"

Actually proposing XMPP though as an alternative is just as bad, as by default XMPP does not have OMEMO or other E2EE on by default. Telegram is one of the few mainstream messengers though that does let you hide your phone number from all other users. My reality is that although I'm on many networks such as Threema, Wickr Me, XMPP, IRC, etc I only have one or two of my real life friends / family there...


BlackWinnerYoshi wrote

The original is actually at Luke's Videos PeerTube instance, the Based PeerTube instance is simply playing the video from that instance, which is kind of annoying when using uMatrix, but at least youtube-dl still works, which is what matters the most.

As for the shutting down message, I have already prepared for it and saved metadata from all of its local videos I could find with the sitemap.xml (which looks like it only includes 1624 out of 1640 videos? Also, when downloading a deleted video, the description and the JSON info gets downloaded, the video doesn't, and the thumbnail does, but really it downloads the error about turned off JavaScript). I haven't downloaded the videos because I don't have 543.8 GB of storage left, only 177 GB, besides, the Internet Archive (where I want to upload the metadata) probably wouldn't like the videos.

I think that proposing XMPP as an alternative isn't bad if you tell people to enable OMEMO because I think pretty much every XMPP client allows it, even if it requires installing a plugin. But yes, even with that, there's a problem with lack of usage, same with VoIP, social, or other things like that, so obviously, good luck trying to escape the Boomerbook botnet or that Macroshit Tease thing.