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penis wrote

Ai doesn't exist and never will. The only AI is programmed. Humans are the only AI. We are far from learning the brain. Also the market is literally gambling, your also putting dollars into banks that use the interest against you. The reason bank sneed that amount of money is bc money doesn't exist and is an artificial scarcity. They ned billionrs, if a billionare gave up the money to give food, the money would be worth much less, and the billonaire is used to create the artificial scarcity, it's like the reservoir. Billionaires cant actually spend an money, they are cuks.


trevor OP wrote

Well yeah, real AI won't exist for a while. But we do have this, so saying that AI doesn't exist and never will is kind of downplaying it. As long as our guns don't become smart machines there's no reason to worry about AI taking over the world.