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riddler wrote

This is more about charging higher prices to selected markets than increasing availability. Build products and sell them for what the market will bear. Stupid restrictions like region locking only make consumers bitter.

I've got a friend waiting on me to build a gaming PC for him for the past two months. Graphics cards are running 2-5x the prices they were running in late October. Ironically, the prices are still going higher. What was $180 in October became $450 in January. Now the same card is running in the $650 range. That is assuming I'm willing to deal with a sketchy third party seller. I'm sure there are many other people also putting off purchases because of the insane pricing. This is also likely cutting into the rest of the market (cases, power supplies, software, retailers, etc).

Allegedly the same problems with video card production are impacting automotive production as well. Globalism really is starting to look like third world for the entire world. We can't keep power or water on. We can't make computer components. All because of some flu that mainly affects old people in assisted living facilities.