Posted by spc50 in DNM (edited )

In before suspected big wave of busts in the next few months. Cases are already well in progress.

Cause, casual users outed by leaky Tor functionality in Brave. See:

Remember Brave browser marketed heavily to Twitch streamers, YouTube personalities, coin susceptible. Went on for a year or so. They even paid $1-7.50 USD per install (after monitoring the install happened and proved 30 days of usage - scary right).

Casual user going to flip that Tor tab on and go about deals and shadowy stuff moreso.. and crowd with coin and ready to buy or more willing to.



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BasedPatriot wrote

I doubt anyone was using Brave to post or buy from dark net markets like dread and stuff...


hideyourlies moderator wrote

You would be very suprised how some people aren't very safe when purchasing such goods. Especially if they aren't very technical or want to learn about TOR.

If Brave offers it some people will opt to use it thinking it's 'safe'.