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Kalchaya said ()

Considering the leftist-libtards began taking over the public education system and colleges in the 1960s, and had pretty much transformed them into commie-socialist indoctrination centers by the mid to late 1970s, the odds are everyone today are likely brainwashed to some degree. To what degree depends largely on the skill of the teachers or professors, and the suggestibility (or stubbornness) of the individual target.


Wahaha OP said ()

I am. I can't even say nigger without feeling slight discomfort.


burnerben said ()

well you know generally thats not a bad thing as its a extreme racial slur that was used to dehumanize black people as they worked for no pay and were treated like animals


Wahaha OP said ()

Nigger doesn't dehumanize. Nigger is a word for humans, after all. Pig is a word that dehumanizes if applied to people, since pigs are animals, therefore dehumanization happens.