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Rule 1: Choose your shape. If the price is going up a little, say it's an exponential. If it's falling a little, say it's a Blip and a buying opportunity. If it's falling hard and steady, say it's a V-Shaped Recovery. If it's really tanking, come up with something poetic like a Megaphone. Point is, it's always going to go up. Has to go up, it's a law of nature based on its immense value, right?

Rule 2: In any electric network, all available green energy flows to the Bitcoin miners. If there is a windmill groaning away in West Virginia, that power will find your machine in South Carolina. It's a shame all those people in West Virginia are paying for coal power to be sent back up to them from South Carolina, but what can you do? Some people just aren't environmentally conscious!

Rule 3: Companies buy Bitcoin because they BELIEVE in Bitcoin. That's the only reason. Don't even think about the notion that Tesla believes it's going to get hacked and wants to get the ransom paid before anybody notices - nay, they believe in the product through thick and thin and are out there to support it 150%!

Rule 4: Bitcoin is safe and anonymous and the government can track down and stamp out abuses without shutting it down. The big banks can get into it and regulate it while it remains a pure exercise of anarchy. We don't want to hear any whining about doublethink.



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