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Same thing is to be expected now. Expect a bumpy ride, remember, a heck of a lot of folk got in between 15k-20k, and then BTC crashed to 3.5k. Three years later, many will be around break even, and happy to exit at zero ROI. A lot of hands will be shaking before moon rockets are engaged.


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I appreciate your comments!!

Indeed, the Café is supposed to be a "white-hat" experience, unlike most TOR like websites. A place for where folk may express themselves freely, explore and learn about privacy tools, surveillance free, censorship free, add free, everything free, with a familiar and comfy GUI clearnet-like experience with great performance.

Naturally, it will initially cater to the Loki (soon to rebrand to Oxen) community, then I suspect other guys, like yourself who appreciate alternative networks, will try it out. Then, a third wave of "normies" who start becoming aware of how bad clearnet really is and seek an alternative.

Not much different from Ramble, really. We're rowing in the same direction!

My hope is it will ultimately become a hub for freedom fighters, oppressed communities, and privacy-seeking folk - to be able to communicate freely, without any illicit activities.