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As a registered member of antifa, I can confirm that we work with all of the government agencies listed above. I was personally involved in staging multiple “clintonings”, and all where highly successful. However, you got one thing wrong. I am not paid by the globalists/internationalists. I am paid by you. Take your fucking meds.


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If its voluntary, its not theft. The only problem is that a tax free place doesn't exist anywhere. (Not including some tiny island or 50 acres of land in the dessert)


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Eliminate copyright and patents. Competition cant exist when only one guy can legally make/distribute something.


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A giant list of marketing data.\

  • Phone numbers
  • Drivers licenses (Verified users)
  • Ages (A lot of fake data)
  • A ton of user content
    Thats a lot of data. They also have similar data for democrat trolls.\