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no time to go through all solutions, but this plugin from 12 months ago should do the trick at a perfect brute force way, but I dont know if a bad actor can use browser fingerprint to shove it in anyway.

This extension monitors and edits request headers using the onBeforeSendHeaders API


If it works, vile web sites like youtube should show blank white squares for video previews.

many http web development tools including free ones, can do ANYTHING with any data sent or received from firefox and have persistent scripts. "ModHeader" is one fun one.


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Apple did, often since 2017, scan faces for 30,000 data points in 3d FOR EMOTION TRACKING in Animojis in 2017 and later, but now in 2021 they do it on home screen and measure pupil and study gaze direction.

Learn and read. Lots of links support all I just typed.


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SInce 2017 for their Animojis, lots of links. But now in 2021 they use pupil and gaze track to dim screen, and encode 3d faces to cloud. They call the 30,000 plotted 3d pixels... NOT A PHOTO in court documents, when they can be trivially used to make a accurate photo from the 30,000 plotted points.


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They did, often since 2017, scan faces for 30,000 data points in 3d FOR EMOTION TRACKING in Animojis in 2017 and later, but now in 2021 they do it on home screen and measure pupil and study gaze direction.

Learn and read. Lots of links support all I just typed.


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I don't really care about that, seems like 4Chan level bickering at that point. I care more about the poor code pushed out.

Me too.

That said, lots of fun memories hanging around some skilled FreeBSD programmers in San Francisco years ago, with me busting their chops.

Their biggest complaint? Any cool driver fixes for "pc platform" USB , Audio, Network Cards, etc was lifted, duped , forked to OpenBSD , etc, then rapidly "stolen" AND COPY-LEFTED with GPL and shoved into Linux with new restrictive headers rubber stamped on all files... and crippled by GPL.

They REALLY really believe in totally free software and puke at hypocritical GPL2 GPL3 etc.


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DOZENS of companies make these for women to stand up to pee:

  • SheWee
  • GoGirl FUD
  • Whiz Freedom
  • Gotta Tinkle
  • Peecock
  • Pee-Zee
  • Peequality
  • The Stand Up
  • The Travel Jane
  • PeeBuddy
  • Ms Whiz
  • Mr. Limpy
  • Mr. Fenis
  • The P-Mate
  • KleanGo
  • Travel John
  • Lady J
  • P-EZ
  • LadyP
  • The pStyle ® Reusable
  • Pibella
  • Freshette
  • Chickpea
  • AquaEve
  • TinkleBelle

... and about 10 more.


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Probably, but maybe it will just limit it to a few minutes per web site.

Also too many new "free web games" that mine Monero while you play the free game. Monero sent to the Russian hackers of course, not to the app game players.


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hello mr FBI glownigger. (75% chance you are)

YOU CAN, but no longer age 18 and no longer even age 19... (((they))) raised age to 21 for you must be 21 for an NFA item like that item.

but its still difficult in the majority of states where you can have carry it on state or private land (avoid accidentally carrying on federal land) ... an important political figure or elected sherrif has to vouch for you, AND the gun typically has to be made with serial number provenance before May 1986 i think (10 thousand to 25 thousand for a vietnam or korean war m16 antique), unless you have business reasons (gunsmith , mil contractor), and you have to be rich enough to store it safely somewhere and... the main democrat jew trick ... you need thousands of dollars for tax stamp and transfer from a local Class three dealer.

If you want to just shoot it and rent it, you can visit outdoor ranges near scottsdale arizona... fun.

If you want to legally temporarily hold it and legally own it momentarily.. get a get a dealer's license and how to get the additional license for possessing of a fully automatic weapon (requires blue prints to your home sent!!!!).

If you are not a dealer you need to pay 200 dollar TAX STAMP that biden wants to increase :

Pro tip : for the best hard to find gunsmith mods legal to have in Marlyland and built in Marlyland and equipped in Marlyland and purchasable (100 round drums for your non-auto non-burstmode ak-47, or springs to aid bump stocks, other trigger effects toys....) HEAD EAST from the washington DC FBI headquarters drive way past arlington across bridge to queenstown MD region, you cross the bridge toward out of DC across that water... to a interesting gun store that caters to fed workers : grenade barrel launchers, bump stocks, belt fed supplies, handgun silencers, rifle silencers, rare quick-reload revolvers, etc

PS : ITS RETARDED to type "Fully automatic", you just type "automatic"

The normal legal AR15 and legal AK47 lacking 3 round burst and lacking auto mode is called a "SEMI AUTOMATIC WEAPON"

you never need to type "Fully automatic".

Fun fact. in entire USA history, a legally registered and owned AUTOMATIC WEAPON was only used in a criminal act one time. The legal owners of these guns are the most law abiding people on earth.

AK47 is far far less accurate in fully auto mode vs a AR15... but most of either have carbine length barrels in normal configs and a carbine barrel in hand held non-tripod mode is inaccurate except for a few marksmen I hear. I type this to mention that normally you would want to keep a gun in three round burst mode. Tapco trigger on a EU region ak47 offers 3 round via special defective engineering, but many tax-stamp ak 47s are single or auto. Forget AK47 and get a high temperature mil spec barrel on a regular ar15.

That being said, most people I know ONLY practice shooting while running (tangent and full frontal running) , rolling, and ducking. There are competitions involving active motion but none involve firing during those activities. For that its private range on private land... and in all my memories... cold and muddy and soiled clothing. fun times, fun memories.


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not uniform, too wet

trowel will likely cut bag


If you get wet cement on skin, your skin falls off from horrific burns.

normally its ankle and shin skin, not wrist.

This guy was not overly careful of wrists.

Why do people have skin burn off??? because...

.... no one taught them the danger.

I taught you though.


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I believe Apple, too many rogue libertarian workers exist inside.

however, the real problem is INSERTED AND DELETED lines of checked in code to add NSA backdoors to the code and chips.

NSA already in the past bribed engineers to cleverly make strange "MISTAKES" in legacy working code not written by the engineer or under their domain, just to add exploits to SSL in Apple OS and iOS devices.

NSA provable bribes software engineers at apple to delete error routine jumps in SSL code, that no human mind would notice because humans suck at reading MISSING lines of code, vs inserted BAD lines of code. The exploit would only have been spotted by fanatics reading the code base check-ins.

The CIA or China also hacked Dominion Voting machines to install Biden Regime by ADDING WEAK CRYPTO to 10 different leveragable attack angles, and only I , just me, seems to have noticed.

I published once though, totally ignored by anyone on earth, here a krypt truth bomb enraged at the DISINFO by fake-patriots being shoveled, via court documents from SHILL FAKE CRYPTO SECURITY CONTRACTORS, that I responded to in massive truth bomb here :

If that link above ever made it to Trumps legal team then...


I typed that research of mine IMMEDIATELY AFTER ELECTION and it never once hit 4chan , 8chan, or anywhere. I basically posted it to appease myself. Mankind can fuck itself, but I did my part.

But, though 100% factual and shocking no one even commented on that link above of generous facts regarding Dominion voting machine exploits that a simpleton, certainly myself, could leverage 10 different ways.

I LISTED THE JUICY FACTS and none of it allowed SCOTUS to investigate voter fraud?

Too many low IQ people on earth. And as far as I know, of all the social sites on this planet this month, the only one with the highest average IQ of all registerred active accounts is a so called "toy 2 dollar a month" VPS instance test bed of grander things to come one day.

I feel so fucking alone in this universe.

But trust me, as a longtime expert on Apple culture... the M1 chip and even Big Sur (latest OS) are very very secure, but could be more secure if all lines of code were open source.... so I could spot all the infiltration by NSA bribers.


That being said, I rooted Mac operating systems and stole ram from root via user space four different times in my life using miraculous hacks, but thats nothing compared to my Windows bragging rights. But I doubt Apples fuckups I leveraged were on purpose or even by bribery.

Have I been trying to attack M1 this month? You can sure fucking bet I have.

I cant back-image or downgrade the flashram easily, i cant even image the multi-layered boot os and back-version, so its fucking not fun to hack on a m1 laptop, you might end up having to own multiple machines to get work done. $$$ !!!!!!

I usually write anti-brick technology in all my hacking that looks to see if a power cord is plugged in or not plugged in as a birary swtich to skip all over my kernel patches to avoid soft-bricking an iphone or android but in this case... though i can see power-cord of m1 apple secure laptop... i can still technically mess up the fun by not being able to back flash older revs unless I do what the nintendo-switch hackers (r.i.p.) did and focus on flas imaging tools that look for jumper pads to activate out-of-band flas-ram micropartition flash imagers, without having to resort to microscopic wavesolder clamps.

Just using the flash of a m1 mac burns up the 50,000 transitions allowed before you have to throw the laptop away from "ssd rot" :

Turning off virtual RAM, if you have 16 gig ram m1 mac, allows the flash ram to not get burned up, but you still get ZERO-PAGE compression of zeros in ram, but not on disk, thankfully.

you modify a flag for 40A0DDD2-77F8-4392-B4A3-1E7304206516
"Apple System Boot" or "iBoot namespace" :

sudo nvram 40A0DDD2-77F8-4392-B4A3-1E7304206516:boot-args=vm_compressor=2

Then reboot to recovery, select "Utilities > Terminal" from the top menu and run:

bputil -a

Once rebooted, you can verify that mode 2 is being used:

sysctl vm.compressor_mode

This way, your m1 mac will not have to be thrown into trash because a 4 line javascript exploit on web or a naughty task, generates random noise pages to burn up your drive (flash) forever.

This makes the memory pager only compress pages if pressure is high and never write them to disk, just like iOS already does. Just like Windows 7 and Windows 10.. disabling unlimited infinite virtual memory can make IMPROPERLY WRITTEN kernel drivers crash. Even CLICKING ON A MENU tries to create kernel memory on a mac if you have italian languages installed as unselected optional user preference by trying to create a ioctl file hook when new files not allowed, even if your menu press is trying to click a tool of your own to FREE UP MORE KERNEL RAM. catch 22... fucking apple tranny coders try to allocate kernel memory on a menu mouse press.

Warning!!! FairPlay decryption of protected internet porn DRM fails if you listen to my tip above!

FairPlay decryption FAILS!!!

Apple thought they were clever by trying to put DRM sensitive RAM outside the kernel space and further using memroy manager paging to make DRM porn videos from the internet people buy to be unprobable from kernel or user space and DISABLING VIRITUAL MEMORY using THIS TRICK :

bputil -a

... will castrate Apple FairPlay DRM which normally hid only doing DTRACE or loading a attached known-name debugger.

If you want your porn from Apple DRM back, or want virtual memory back because you were a pauper and bought a M1 8 gig laptop instead of m1 16 gig laptops or 16 gig macmini m1s.. then do the...


sudo bputil -f
sudo reboot

It restores mac back at "full security" and full normal infinite-ram VM

That typing can be run from a normal boot even!

Anyways... I am realizing that people here dont even know how important turning off virtual RAM is sometimes... its because of this poor guy wo in one day or too discovered all his flash ram storage was 90% permanently dead and damaged because of a task swapping too much virtual memory in a loop :

He typed the brew (homebrew) installed SSD command :

sudo smartctl --all /dev/disk0

pissed his pants!?

.. and pissed his pants, because he, and just he, saw a result indicating his new m1 mac was nearly dead. (you cannot boot a mac m1 from a external USB it boots first from the internal damaged flashram FIRST, and has no separate firmware flash, because iOS flash is stored as 13 gigabyte blob on the internal ssd vmeram (tenically its 67 gigaBYTE per second special flashram, not vme) the regualy cache ram is 510 gigabytes (yes 510 to 511 gigabytes) per second to the ram seen by all 8 cpu cores.

You can check your m1 machine yourself, though installing bre installs 200 exploits hackers can leverage :

brew install smartmontools && sudo smartctl --all /dev/disk0

"&&" just means run another line of bash code, I typed it on one line just to be fancy

Sorry for rambling....

I guarantee, the current Apple and current Microsoft DO NOT WILLINGLY or KNOWINGLY allow any nation state but China, any favors related to security of OS or cloud

As for skype? .... no comment.

I just realized that anyone on looking at my entire post history here would start to think I am even more of a spook than a spook can be.

Fear not, I am not currently a CIA Glow Nigger (CIA/NSA/NRO/FBI/DIA/USDOJ/State Dept INR/USAFISR/DOE/DHS/TFI/ONSI/NSF/ etc)

NSF too in list?

Yes ... millions to spy on and Gab by NSF budget too :

How paranoid am I myself? I'm so paranoid I hop out of commercial cable residential boxes to hit the net when relaxing instead of vpns. vpns make you look guilty. they paint you and mark you. I use VPNs only for targeted actions involving lots of setup and physical travel and separate laptops. sigh... I hate coffee shop wifis and libraries wifi life, though am fond of older mc donalds parking lots in recent years.

that being said, rule number 1 in being a newly hired fed contractor is to constantly DENY being a fed openly (really)... so beware hackers protesting too much at not being a Fed. If they go out of way too often joking about it or accusing others... then they are a either a paid fed contractor or a "sentence postponed ex-black-hat mole"

except me...

not me... I was referring to other hackers in that remark.
not me.
you can trust me, even if you are paranoid, like me.


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Rambler, thanks for that comment.

The three top free speech web searches :

none are ideal. neither searX, qwant, nothing.

Amusingly many famous search engines just re-scrape Bing's top 20 and shuffle in a few others.

try "Why are black people so stupid" in your favorite search engine to test if yours is working correctly.
try "Jews did 911" , "Dancing Israelis"

failure !!! : in March 2021 ban-blocks all my browser on CLEAN non-vpn us soil , if they never once were an IP that visited sites in over a year.

I get from jew gab site today March 3 2021 :

Access denied
This website is using a security service to protect itself from online attacks

No loss, mainly only searches news with gab comments on it, not sites discussing "Dancing Israelis")

Always compare results of top 10 links when searching phrases SIMILAR to but not exact (they will whitelist these one day)( :

"Why are black people so stupid"
"Jews did 911"
"Dancing Israelis"

You normally in 2020 got dramatically shocking different link results on many search engines when typing in those three searches.

Sadly, my favorite, DuckDuckGo is run by infamous jew who deliberately censors entire sites from DuckDuckGo. Once though DuckDuckGo un-banned a emulator developer site when I made it a celebrated outing of there censoring kiking, and DuckDuckGo reversed a site ban of a top 5 link result.

Remember, my three test phrases will get partly whitelisted in 2021 and different test phrases will need to be constructed.

Even countless links to scientists discussing IQ and DNA are getting shoahed off the internet in 2020 last year.