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If we're more in agreement, all good. There are many people who consider government inherently evil, and simply want as little of it as possible.

place where free speech can be used as a tool to bring disparate groups into alignment

You seem to be on some odd do-gooder crusade... I hope that feels nice. If you want to bring groups into alignment, focus on the people physically close to you who actually matter, then slowly work outwards.

This website doesn't need to come into alignment, it just needs to be a place where people can speak. It's far better that we all disagree as much as possible. Coming into alignment means becoming just another moronic circlejerk unaccepting of outsiders.


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Yes, I probably disagree with that. It's not that they're bloated, it's that they've been completely corrupted so that they no longer serve the interests of citizens. Big government is probably the only way to attempt to tackle societal problems, but unfortunately the world seems to lack benevolent dictators.

We're here on this website, that's all we need to agree on. There is no need to establish common ground.


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Reply to comment by Wahaha in About IQ by Wahaha

Nah, you're still focusing on skin color, perhaps because your brain's not as big as you claim. Trying to separate nature from nuture is complex, and there may be much better ways to group people than just race/skin. But then all the failures who have nothing going for them apart from white skin couldn't feel superior about something.


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It's just a free speech place.

Voat talked a lot about free speech, but had their own extreme censorship in place. Unfortunately some censored safespaces pretend to like free speech.

You might get banned from plenty of other places until you find the censored echochamber where you fit in (that best dulls your brain).

Edit: When attempting to register:

Enable JavaScript and cookies to continue



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Get 10 FREE scp when you make a post to /v/introductions

This will enable you to upvote content and is big boost towards being able to downvote the content and people you hate. One per account only.

So user popularity via SCP is linked to being able to upvote and downvote. Also:

Chat now has a 1 point requirement

That site is too dirty for me to make and account and test whether there are also restrictions on posting and commenting, but it's clear it's the same old voat free speech hypocrisy. Just a safespace for snowflake racists.