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It would be kind of funny if you claimed to be a member of "The Satanic Temple" since that is a very liberal organization. You're probably more likely to get approved for that reason. One of the tenets is "One's body is inviolable, subject to one's own will alone." This religious tenet is used by the organization to argue in court that women have the right to get an abortion.

I'm more libertarian / conservative leaning, but I generally agree with the 7 tenets, though my interpretation of them is different from that of most people in the organization. I'm agnostic but I think we are heading into very dark times, so I would not want to align myself with a satanic organization, even though I know this particular organization doesn't actually believe in Satan. I'm starting to feel a little bit drawn towards Christianity since vaccine passports seem like a precursor to the "mark of the beast". If we're ever told to have a chip in the hand and forehead that is related to the number 666 or 616, that will give the bible credibility in my mind. Not as a completely literal book but maybe as something inspired by God. Whether Christianity is true or not, it is a religion that will be comforting for those who believe, and belief in the afterlife can help people to be more courageous in the face of a tyrannical government. On the other hand, I suppose Christianity could also make some people complacent if they just sit around expecting Jesus to come back any minute.

Be careful about trying to lie your way out of this. Part of deceiving others involves deceiving yourself. If you look at the Satanic Temple organization and feel like you don't agree with them on some things, you'll probably end up gradually convincing yourself more and more that you do agree with them, especially if you go around telling your friends and loved ones that you are now a Satanist and go to their meetings as part of the act you're putting on.

I think options like religious exemptions and weekly testing will be taken away eventually. Those options are here temporarily so that there won't be a lot of people immediately rebelling at once. I think the most honorable thing to do is to quit, but understand that is a tough choice. The best thing for everyone's freedom would be a mass resistance that cripples society. Ideally, even vaccinated people should be joining the unvaccinated by quitting in protest. If you want to know why vaccinated should join the unvaccinated in protest, look at what's been going on in Australia. Think about how a vaccine mandate / passport system can evolve into a social credit system later. If this isn't nipped in the bud now, I think we will head towards a society that's hardly worth living in. The people who buy into all of the pro-establishment propaganda will be happy and treated decently, but dissidents will have a very rough life and may be taken to "Wellcamp". Yeah, that is what Covid camp is called in Australia. Look up "Wellcamp" on Bitchute. A similar thing called "green zones" is being discussed for the United States.

I actually don't think it's very suspicious that congress isn't required to get it. Biden doesn't have the authority. I mean he doesn't have authority for other things he does anyways so I guess that could just be an excuse. But he said the executive branch is required to get it. Any of the higher ups who know what's really going on can easily just bribe a doctor to squirt the shot into the sink though.

I would recommend checking out deaths from the Covid vaccine in the VAERS database. More reported deaths than all other vaccines combined going back many years. Anyone can submit a report and I hear it's easy to fake reports, but it is illegal to do that and the entries are monitored and checked against autopsies and medical records. Fact checker sites generally don't deny that the deaths are real, but just say that they weren't necessarily caused by the Covid vaccines.


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Fuck him. His goons can come to my house and shoot me and vaccinate my dead body. Not. Taking. It.

For now, I'll be shopping at small businesses with under 100 employees and buying from local farmers. That's where people will have to be employed after getting fired from big companies, so they need the business. Guessing the small businesses will eventually be required to mandate the shots too but that will at least give laid off people a temporary place to be employed while they learn how to grow, raise, and hunt their own food.