nvuaooay said ()

I wanted to hide my history here as well as in other places even if I have "nothing to hide." So I tried to make a new account but couldn't. RAMBLE admin might make signup disabled for anti-spam. I guessed so but want to ask the admin: you want us to be the same account for posts and comments here? Is Changing accounts bad for this site?
Note: not serious question but I've wanted to ask you. :D


nvuaooay OP said ()

Even only in Tor users, a ratio of the users are: clearnet(exit) : onion = 96.6 : 3.4. If onion users are more than the ratio with some reason (advertised in Reddit /r/onions, etc.), it may be: clearnet : onion = 100 : x<5. Reference: https://blog.torproject.org/some-statistics-about-onions
Note: this was data in 2015, but now in 2021, it may be mostly same.