neilalexander OP wrote

dendrite-demo-yggdrasil is a standalone Matrix homeserver that uses Yggdrasil for the federation between servers. It has an embedded Yggdrasil node — the server name is based on the node’s public key. You can use any Matrix client to register accounts and to log in.

I built this a while ago for the P2P Matrix experiments but it still works and is quite fun.


neilalexander wrote

Awesome, glad to see you here. I've had a few people say that they've never heard of Yggdrasil before, and that they were going to check it out. I hope that they do. Definitely one of the projects I'm excited to see take off in the coming years.

That’d be great, we still have big plans for future versions of Yggdrasil, including improving the routing protocol.

Done. This way you can pin / announce updates as you see fit.

Appreciate it!