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Totally agree with you.

Of course the situation right now is totally OK, but it may be useful to evaluate measures in case the number of new users skyrockets. Probably Rambler has all the statistics.

Seams I still can't remember how to symlink a user :(


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By a different point of view, I like the scarcity of people around. Makes it easier to engage in a direct conversation rather than the chaos of reddit.

I would even go as far as to propose a (monthly?) cap for new users, or joining by invitation only. That may keep the quality of posts high while decreasing scam / advertisement / etc.

In my opinion, that does not contrast with the freedom of speech that constiuetes the foundations of Ramble.


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Don't worry man, I got it.

I'm comfortable in using TOR network and crypto currencies, what I was uncertain about is that I never made this kind of purchase and never had experience with shipment of substances.

I'll do some research and determine whether I really need Adderall and if the purchase is worth the risk.


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Hey Adam,

thanks for the advice; being a little more specific, I'd need something to make me go "obsessive" about my current task (at the moment Real Analysis; got examination in little time and I'm waaaaay late).

Four to five hours of pure concentration per day should be enough.

Would you still recommend Adderall?

And by the way, what would be the best way to get it without prescription?

Are Dark Net markets reliable for quality and delivery (in EU)?

I'm comfortable in browsing via TOR network and making transactions via crypto currencies.


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Sitting comfortably on Manjaro KDE Plasma at the moment.

Having replaced Kwin, default KDE window manager, whit i3wm, I got great experience both on laptop and on bigger screens.

Plus, not the pain of installing Arch but all the wisdom from ArchWiki and packages from the AUR.


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Reply to comment by yidakee in Bitcoin Hits All-Time High by jack_walking

Don't really agree about that. I think much of bitcoins (if you don't count burnt bitcoins and early miners' wallets) are now owned by large investors / bank / funds, so professional guys and not the average shaky-hands Tom.

The difference between now and 2017 is institutional investment, which is made by professionals, who are supposed to take a more rational approach.

Besides, we were floating around 10,000 USD before this bull run, so we're now at 2x, while in 2017 we went from 4,000 USD to 20,000 USD, which means 5x.

I'm confident that 18,000 USD may be a good support level, and the sky may be 30,000 USD at the end of 2021.

Of course mine are pure speculations.


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  • The ones with a use cases
  • The ones with an established history
  • The ones with unique features
  • The ones with transparent development

Fact is, it requires ton of times and specific knowledge to check the previous poins.

As far as I'm concerned, I'd go with a portfolio of about 80% BTC, that I'd be reasonably sure to increase it's value with limited risk over a period of 5 years.

Maybe some unknown alt-coin may turn me rich in one night's time, but risks are huge; I'm not willing to invest my time, nor I have the knowledge, to look for the next crypto shooting star, and I'd advise anyone not to.