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Totally, I started out using Kazaa Lite and Morpheus. We had a nice amount of bandwidth for the Era at home, something like 8mbps. Then I started torrenting a bit later on suprnova.org. Now most people's experience on the internet is seeing posts from people they've known their entire life. It's narrowing, most of the culture i've learned about was from interacting with Europeans on IRC from Oink.me.uk and What.cd.


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I'm using clearnet because I CBA to use tor most of the time. With that said, I think OPSEC should be taken more seriously in general. Somewhat related but irrelevant story time. Last night me and my GF were watching true crime documentaries on youtube. Specifically one from That Chapter (great channel, highly suggest it) Jodi Arias was the subject. Now I knew a little about the story going in, but I was still watching. The video had crime scene photos that were blurred. Naturally out of morbid curiousity I had to look. First I tried liveleak, I couldnt' find anything, seems they removed all such content. tried google, haha yeah right. duckduckgo, nothing. I eventually found them but I had to go through blogspot. The point I'm tryng to get to here is that the internet is so very different from the late 90s when I started using it. You simply are not allowed to see certain things, I mean, obviously CP should be no bueno, and in some ways the morality of crime scene photos is debatable but irregressibile the internet is effectively ruined. There was a time that you could access information regardless of whether it was popular, the status quo, the story, or sadly even legal. IMHO we really need to convince our peers to get off of social media. It is a toxic, depressive environment that is overused, a time waster and makes the human expect a warped vision of reality, one that is full of glamour and happiness, a place that further rejects the reality of our collective mental state. Does it matter to anyone that China is using Uyghur Muslims as slaves for the manufacture of your new iPhone? I can't tell because soon enough that information will too be illegal. We're headed down an even darker path and most of it is because of our perverted view of what is taboo and what isn't, what can be talked about and what is simply inappropriate.

TLDR: i use clearnet, and i hate that basic privacy is not afforded online.